Editorial Universitaria Villa Maria and Conexx-Europe Forum Trees supported the call for teachers, researchers and experts to present papers focusing on employment as a central focus and aimed at studying issues related to Latin America and Europe.

This call is aimed at teachers, researchers and experts. Members of organizations (NGOs, research institutions, public sector) specialized in those topics may also participate. Items must bring new theoretical perspectives and empirical analysis of cases that are useful to understand the difficulties and challenges it has faced and faces cooperation EU / LAC.

The selection of items will be carried out by a joint scientific committee formed by researchers from European and Latin American universities and members of civil society.

Work in the following sub-themes are accepted: Gender and Employment, Decent Work, Youth and Employment, Youth Guarantee, education and employment, innovation and employment, labor market, employment and social protection, productive system and employment, public policy and employment Immigration employment, disability and employment, Entrepreneurship and Employment, Social Responsibility (Corporate, Association, University) and employment.

Selected works will be public in Book III / Human Development tmático axis: Employment in the Editorial Universitaria Villa Maria (Eduvim).

Deadlines: Delivery of goods until 16 November 2015. Notice of acceptance of items: December 16, 2015.

Sending the articles together with an abbreviated curriculum, it should be made electronically to via: info@conexxeurope.eu clearly mentioning: Author (s) / Institution / Title of Article / Area and subtopic chosen. More information.

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