As coordinator of the Forum Trees international platform, Conexx-Europe went to Italy from 9 to 12 June to organize the upcoming International Event.

After the events that were held in Europe -2013 in Brussels (Belgium), 2014 in Malaga (Spain) and 2015 in Oporto (Portugal)-, this year the event will take place in Tarsia, Calabria the 24-25 November. Considering that the south of Italy, and especially the region of Calabria, is one of the regions of Europe with the highest unemployment rate, the event aims to create a space for building a constructive debate on the issue gathering all the stakeholders involved. In particular, this year the event will focus on the EU sponsored program Youth Guaranty, innovative agriculture and tourism as leading sectors for job creation in South Europe, professional education and social responsibility.

13427861_1732983423582721_5189757294150638071_nDuring the visit Conexx-Europe had the opportunity to meet the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza and discuss about the opportunities and difficulties to promote employment and entrepreneurship among young people of the area. Conexx-Europe also visited two employment agencies to assess what economic sectors offer the most job opportunities and what kind of professional profiles companies look for.

Besides, Conexx-Europe participated to the “Meeting on Cooperation for the Development of Common International Strategies” with Futuro Digitale, ProJuven and AMEIS to discuss partnerships and collaboration for future projects and activities.

Forum TrEES aims to promote knowledge, methodologies and common practices regarding employment and education, and to foster the debate between the public and private sphere about formal and alternative education and formation, job market inclusion and employability of young people and vulnerable sectors.

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