CONEXX: Capacity-Building


Capacity building is crucial for organizations. The efforts towards capacity-building may include a wide range of focuses, for instance we were granted working capital, development management funds, capacity-building and development sessions, training or promotion of the collaboration with other organizations.

Despite the existence of different definitions concerning capacity building, its concept links to organizational development, organizational effectiveness and/or the management of performances, tools available to profit-seeking organizations that may be adapted for the optimization of non-profit organizations.

Capacity building includes all those activities aiming to respond to the necessities of an organization through the improvement of knowledge, ability and attitude of its members, who will more effectively allow for the development of its functions, as well as through the integration of new abilities and knowledge. Capacity building is key to the survival and development of organizations.

Conexx-Europe offers capacity-building courses or consulting on the following:


  • the main programmes financed by the European Commission
  • the planning and management of projects
  • both pre-evaluation and evaluation of projects
  • working as Helpdesk for the monitoring of the project
  • creation and development of thematic National Contact Points of the EU in Third Countries
  • strategic planning for internationalization