Visibility, Structuration and Project

Visibility is a phenomenon that varies across regions, actors and their actions. It represents an essential dimension in the organizational dynamic and gains the institutions an acknowledgement as well as a motivational and practical factor for it to handle its international projection.

The strategy of information systems allows organizations to gain a balanced visibility over their own development, preventing their geographical situations from being a limit.

Conexx-Europe offers the possibility to both open up to internationalization and search for competitive partners in Europe and Latin America. It offers structural relations with European and Latin American networks; it makes possible to carry out strategic events as well as visibility actions in strategic sectors in both Europe and Latin America but also to identify, formulate, present, manage, monitor and execute projects.

The configuration of the consortium is regularly under scrutiny in the process of evaluation of European projects. It is vital to know the potential partners’ organizations in order to make an effective and adequate association. With more visibility, the products, services and actors both bring about more chances for peer discussions, better associations and more sustainable projections and definitely obtain better evaluations.