International Meetings Forum TREES

Trees Forum organizes international meetings on the line where the thematic objectives worked develop the Forum. Such activities have character multisectoral and with the participation of a wide typology of sectors, stakeholders thematic working from different perspectives in order to address the issues generating constructive discussions, including civil society, universities, public sector companies, and final beneficiaries – eg, at the last international meeting we have the participation of a group of young people who participated in the debate from your own experience.

This has been achieved create an analytic space grounded in reality which takes into account different perspectives and which is intended to provide specific solutions to specific problems. Is expected to continue these activities replicating the model soon in Portugal and Italy and following organizing them in countries where they have already been implemented.

More information on international meetings organized by Forum Trees:

International Meeting: What can Europe learn from the experiences of youth employment in Latin America? Brussels (Conexx-Europe possesses collaborators in Spain), 15 and 16 May 2013

II International Meeting: “Policies and Actions to Stimulate Employment: Study, Work and Entrepreneurship” Malaga (Spain), 20 and 21 November 2014