Forum TrEES


Conexx-Europe takes part in the Forum TrEES international platform on the themes of Education, Employment and Youth. Founded in Brussels, Maximiliano Alonso, Conexx’s CEO, carries out its general direction.

Forum TrEES has the aim to create knowledge, methodologies and joint practices on Education and Work enabling the positioning on Latin America and EU’s public agendas of the main debates and recommendations towards the inclusion of the more vulnerable populations (mainly poor youth) into the spaces of formal and non-formal education and into the world of employment.

  1. Specific objectives

    – To promote spaces of exchange on an intercontinental and local scale around initiatives that encourage good-quality employment and educational certifications for the more vulnerable populations (youth, women and adults), as well as to contribute to the promotion of actions of culture and improvement of the standard of living of workers and their respective families
    – To start with the creation of networks connected with Education and Work, on a regional, national and local level, and to support their action
    – To study, deepen and disseminate the experiences produced by the network and its members. To cooperate with all the organizations which pursue similar goals, in close relation with the Founding Act of the Association
    – To promote agreements with public and/or private institutions for the purpose of exploiting the respective experiences in the distinct disciplines to be dealt with
    – To encourage the reproduction of well-established methodologies so as to contribute to the consolidation of the public policies of different regions; to encourage and promote both North-South and South-South cooperation

  2. Strategy

    – Associative and intersectorial work
    – Development and deepening of networks and regional alliances with Europe
    – Creation of an innovative working model between North and South (EU and Latin America) and enhancement of the work on the South-South strategy
    – Production and dissemination of knowledge
    – Alliance with the third sector –the academic sector– enterprises and political decision-makers
    – Appropriate use of ICTs.

The axes of Forum Trees are:


Forum TrEES organiza international meetings in the line of its objectives which develop thematic worked by the Forum.

Such activities have character multisectoral and with the participation of a wide typology of sectors, stakeholders thematic working from different perspectives in order to address the issues generating constructive discussions, including civil society, universities, public sector companies, and final beneficiaries – eg, at the last international meeting we have the participation of a group of young people who participated in the debate from your own experience.

More information on international meetings.

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