2do Encuentro Internac. (Málaga, España)


The II International Forum Trees, was organized by social organizations Conexx Europe, Forum Trees and Association Arrabal-AID Malaga, in collaboration with the Provincial de Málaga, through Europe Direct information center, belonging to the service of European Resources.

The event took place on 20 and 21 November 2014 in Málaga, (Spain) -a region where unemployment reaches the highest rates in Europe- and led by title Policies and actions to stimulate employment: Study, Work and Entrepreneurship. This event was part of the presentation of Forum Trees in Spain and is the second of its kind organized in Europe and that will continue replicating in Portugal and Italy. The first, organized in Brussels last year focused on employment policies and youth in Latin America and Europe.

For two intense days of work, representatives of various sectors involved in the issues of youth employment and discussed the possibilities of young people to study and work, the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility from the perspective of the inclusion of young people into the labor, management of productive enterprises and self-employment as an alternative, mainly, the ability to influence the civil society in the planning and management of local policies that help improve the training and employability of youth.

A space for dialogue where they participated was created more than 40 entities and a dozen universities to serve as a meeting point between the different actors involved in the fight against unemployment, with the presence of political, teachers, Researchers, sociologists, Educators, professional employment and unemployed youth, those discussed in workshops on causes and solutions to a problem that touches them closely, such as the unemployment.

The working groups developed within the meeting shared experiences and discussed the following topics:

1) Public policies and activation of youth employment

2) Innovation in employment

3) Social responsibility and job creation

4) Insertion companies

5) Youth unemployment: What young people say?

Vídeos resumen del evento:


Event Program

– Presentaciones de los ponentes

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    Welcome and Opening

    Carlos Conde, Council of Malaga; Jose Antonio Naveros, Arrabal AID; Marcelo Koyra, Forum TREES


    Event Triggers

    Youth Guarantee Process

    Beatriz Zafra, Director of Training of the Higher Council of Chambers of Commerce


    Corporate Social Responsibility from the perspective of youth employment

    Josep Maria Canyelles, Global Responsabilitat promoter and socio-consultant Vector 5 · Excel·Excellence and Sustainability


    Youth Employability Program: All included

    Matias Figueroa, Social Programs Coordinator Fundación Telefónica


    Youth Entrepreneurship: A real opportunity in the crisis?

    Antonio Peñafiel, Technical Director of Business Cooperation and Promotion of Employment of the University of Málaga


    University Social Responsibility and Employment

    Manuel Larrán, Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting from the University of Cádiz. Responsible University Social Responsibility Project – Forum Social Councils of the public universities of Andalusia


    Presentation of the Report of the ILO in Spain “Spain: Growth with Employment”

    Joaquín Nieto, Director of the International Labour Organisation for Spain


    Good Practices in Employment Policies in Latin America: territorial challenges to scale up access to decent employment

    And Louis. Antonioli, Assistant Secretary for Employment Buenis Aires Province, Argentina


    Job Placement Companies

    Ana Montoro, Communications Officer at Findación Trinijove


    Innovation in employment: the Aparca Project

    José Gómez, Emmaus Bilbao

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El evento en la red y los medios:

– Diario Sur (20 Nov 2014): Expertos abogan por diversificar el sistema productivo para crear empleo

– La opinión de Málaga (17 Nov 2014): El desempleo juvenil centrará un foro con 40 entidades en Málaga

– La Vanguardia: Expertos abogan por diversificar el sistema productivo para crear empleo

– El diario del Centro del País (23 Nov 2014): Conci en España por desempleo juvenil

– Fundación Crear : Fundación Crear debatió sobre Empleo Joven en España

– INCIDEM (27 Nov 2014): Empleo; reto actual para el desarrollo humano y territorial

– Blog Encuentra Empleo (24 Nov 2014): Forum TrEES; la Juventud implicada en la solución del desempleo juveni

– Diputación de Málaga (20 Nov 2014): Un centenar de personas participa en unas jornadas para debatir actuaciones contra el paro juvenil

– Universidad Nacional de Villa María (23 Nov 2014): La UNVM participa del encuentro internacional para estimular el empleo

– Ministerio de Trabajo de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (20 Nov 2014): Trabajo participó en España de las jornadas de “Políticas y Acciones que Estimulan el Empleo: Estudiar, Trabajar y Emprender”