International Cooperation Projects

Conexx-Europe has developed a special software for each project with the Balanced Scorecard methodology. It allows to see the progression of the actions and to keep under control the execution and the performance of results.

Conexx-Europe offers a solid experience in projects financed by the European Union and participates in the formulation, management and development of projects by providing value in numerous areas in different stages of the life cycle of the projects.
The linking to ULB allows Conexx-Europe to have high-quality human resources for the development of the undertaken activities.

As regards the management control of projects, Conexx-Europe has developed an innovative and specific software based on the Balanced Scorecard methodology that allows making a comprehensive analysis of the progress of the actions as well as improving the control of the execution and the performance of each project’s results. Conexx counts on a team that works on communication aspects ensuring the implementation and the development of the project’s proposals. Visibility activities are a key axis for the creation of a positive environment in relation with the success of the project, therefore a communication plan systematically producing information in a strategic and regular way is established.

Conexx-Europe believes in the strength of culture and as far as possible, we involve culture in the projects in which we take part.
Communication experts

The linking in the Université Libre de Bruxelles, viewed as research and EU-LAC development cooperation centre, allows Conexx to have access to high-quality human resources for the development of the undertaken activities.

Conexx-Europe counts on communication specialists, both for the creation and implementation of communication plans applied to projects and the creation of more technical parts such as the making of webpages and communication products as well as dissemination tools.

Conexx-Europe counts on numerous counterparts in both Europe and Latin America

Brussels-based Conexx has experience in organizing advocacy and lobbying activities in both European and international institutions. Likewise, Conexx-Europe provides the undertaken projects with its own networks and multipliers in order to make possible a coherent and efficient dissemination to reach the set goals in each stage of the project.

We are specialists in the design, planning and execution of projects. As concerns the presentation of projects financed by the European Commission or other donors, Conexx can bring value added in different stages of the project cycle:

  • Technical services in research and training
  • Formulation and design of projects
  • Management control and monitoring through own tools applied to the management of projects
  • Support in the task of general coordination of the project
  • Support in the design of the monitoring and evaluation tools for the management control
  • Research in the issues addressed by Conexx
  • Search for partners and creation of competitive and sustainable consortia
  • Actions of lobbying and advocacy with European institutions, international and Latin American organizations and the civil society
  • Communication plan: visibility and dissemination project
  • Monitoring and evaluation