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Conexx-Europe promotes research work on issues linked with the euro-latin american relations in themes concerning scientific cooperation and development cooperation

The objective of the project “Biblioteca Europa – América Latina” is to promote research work with the aim to study the problems connected with Latin America in order to encourage the Euro-Latin American relations in matters of shared interest, development cooperation and scientific cooperation.

This project lies in a context of deep change in the historical relations between Europe and Latin America in the new global economy. The causes of such change are the shrinking of Development Cooperation following the European crisis. But also Latin America’s economic growth resulting in an increase in the cooperation between the regions of Latin America and other developing regions (axis South-South), in an increasing structuration of the Latin American internal policies and in the rise in the use of new technologies, which led to a breakdown in the cooperation patterns between both regions.

Periodically, different international calls for teachers, researchers and experts are published. Renowned specialists in the field perform the coordination of each book. The first call, whose subject is human rights, was released in 2013 and published in 2014.

This is a joint project of the Editorial Universitaria Villa María (Eduvim) and Conexx-Europe.

EU-LAC Collection:

tapa_mandolessi_altaStudies on memory. Current perspectives and new scenarios

Studies on memory have been, from start, an interdisciplinary field whose complex includes a variety of objects, methodologies and concepts that constantly modify it. In recent years we have witnessed the remarkable career of the term ‘transnational’, which quickly replaced previous terms such as ‘post-colonial’ or ‘multicultural’.
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