Project in Spain

Test methodology for the study and dissemination of historical information on public works information technology and communication, associated with a course of postgraduate (2011-2013)

  1. ERDF project funded by the European Union:

    The first objective is to create a platform of knowledge and reflection open to the public through a website in which converge several digital information systems of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing: Territorial Information System of Andalusia, linked to the research program and dissemination of heritage of Andalusia public works and other historical cartography and hosting official data on the historical development of road and rail networks.

    Once the information platform articulated, will prove its usefulness by applying to university teaching. These will be designed for a graduate course on information technology and communications applied to the study of the transport network in Andalusia that has as main information source platform articulated in the first phase. The practical exercises of the course will be made with technical documentation and information from the research and dissemination program of public works heritage of Andalusia, Territorial Information System of Andalusia and other information resources of the Andalusian.

    In any case, may be necessary to complete any of the information resources that are available and it is a game reserve in the budget that accompanies this proposal.

    The postgraduate course in information technology and communication applied to the history of transportation, be conducted within the graduate program of the University of Cordoba while the project is under way, but can and should be extended to other universities, as envisaged in the work plan. It’s always a challenge to establish a new specialization within public universities and in competition with other university proposals will prove its usefulness and timeliness. The objective is that in 2014 the course is in a position to access the master category, then have new sources of funding and has called on other universities and institutions to participate in.

    Special mode, should promote the exchange of experiences between this research project and the specialists of Latin American universities, including, course, Portugal as the socio preferential. This will give both the political course of cooperation and internationalization of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing as the Andalusian with American Program at the University of Cordoba.

    Once the project is consolidated and is seen to be achieved desirable synergy between the regional administration and the university, new universities will join the project.

    The conditions for the development of this project are optimal. This year finds the plan of the European Union i2010, adopted by the Commission in 2005 and aimed to ensure European leadership in information technology and communications (tic). The evaluation of the first results on the implementation of ICT in Europe indicate that you should not delay the implementation of pilot projects to test, validate and deploy innovative ICT solutions, especially for public sector services (COM(2009)116 final).

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