Project in Uruguay

En-clave familiar:

Program and community socio-economic rebinding the households of women prisoners in the El Molino Center


This project aims to contribute to the design and development of projects of sustainable family life from the perspective of gender and human rights of households linked to the Rehabilitation Center El Molino (INR, MI) or on a waiting list for admission, increasing opportunities for re-linked to socio-economic and community, during imprisonment and once the same, under construction of active citizenship.

The Specific objectives the project are:

Generating strategies for strengthening links and improving family life (woman mother in detention situation, with child / as within the prison environment, son / as outside the prison environment, and another / as concerning adult household members).
Development work on key social networking community for access to health services, education, community participation, culture, dwelling, etc., during imprisonment and overcome the same.
Implementation strategies and improving revenue generation of the world of work from employment and / or income generating activities.

To achieve these objectives, the project has 4 components that are to be developed along the 36 the same month:

– Strengthening self-esteem and identity issues

– Strengthening links

– Community Integration

– Socio-labor integration

The consortium consists of the Civil Association The Abrojo (as applicant and project head), the Civil Partnership and CLIEPS Conexx-Europe; and institutional level: Rehabilitation Center El Molino – National Institute of Rehabilitation, the Ministry of Interior of Uruguay, the Ministry of Women Uruguay, the Municipality of Montevideo and the Ministry of Social Development of Uruguay.

loggo1Conexx-Europe is responsible for the implementation of activities in this project funded by the European Commission in Uruguay. Conexx performed the provision of technical support resources in research and in the design of monitoring and evaluation tools, addition to participating in the visibility of the project.