Project USR-NET


European Network of Socially Responsible Universities


Financing: This project is funded by the Erasmus + program, Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships.

Duration: 30 months


In recent decades, a growing number of European universities have begun to incorporate the University Social Responsibility (USR) as part of the strategy of the institution.

However, most of them still face barriers to implement them, among which are the lack of political and institutional commitments to promote it. In addition, there is a need to reach a consensus about the term RSU that prevents universities have different perspectives and using different strategies.



This project aims to:

  1. support the implementation of the necessary reforms,
  2. developing a consensus about the concept in Europe and USR
  3. promoting awareness of the need for mainstreaming the RSU in all universities.

More specifically:

  • Levar out an analysis of existing data and literature on RSU in Europe, in order to obtain the best practices achieved in each region and develop innovative actions, paying particular attention to the way in which universities are committed to the term, they sensitize the community about the RSU and included in the curriculum of their students.
  • Conduct a mapping of socially responsible organizations to promote their inclusion in the project and the synergy between these organizations and the participating universities.
  • Promote political and institutional commitment to the inclusion of the RSU with a transversal approach in university faculties.
  • Analyze potential barriers and to define measures to boost a roadmap for interventions to be implemented in the Socially Responsible Universities.
  • Design and approve a package of cross-content to enrich the curriculum of students from a socially responsible global approach. Students will gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience through the implementation of regional activities in the organizations concerned.
  • Propose a set of awareness actions to be implemented both within universities (staff and students) and outside (companies, NGOs, policy makers, unions, etc.).
  • The promotion of synergy between the university, as an actor in the community, and other actors that influence the delimitation of the RSU (companies, NGOs, policy makers, authorities, etc.).
  • The exchange and transfer of knowledge through various theoretical and practical actions between universities and stakeholders.




consorcio EN-RSU

The project consists of nine organizations from seven different countries:

  • Conexx-Europe (Bélgica)
  • Forum Trees (Bélgica)
  • Innovate 4 Future (Rumanía)
  • Innovation Training Center (España)
  • Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (Portugal)
  • Militos Consulting (Grecia)
  • Universidad de Cádiz (España)
  • Universidad de Roma La Sapienza (Italia)
  • VAMK, Universidad de Ciencias aplicadas (Finlandia)