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The DG Migration and Home Affairs program has 5 fundamental pillars:

  • Asylum, Migration and Integration: The Asylum, Migration and Integration fund contributes to the effective management of migration flows and seeks to strengthen and develop a common approach towards asylum and migration.
  • Security, borders and police: The obligation of the states of the European Union towards a high level of security and crime prevention in the Union, in addition to border control is ensured through the Internal Security Fund.
  • Security research: The social challenge of the Horizon2020 program ‘Safe societies – Protecting the freedom and security of Europe and its citizens’ aims to carry out research and innovation activities necessary to protect our citizens, society and the economy, as well as our infrastructures and services.
  • Narcotics policy initiatives: Four European funding programs provide funding for projects related to drugs.
  • Europe for citizens: The objective of this program is to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of Europe, its diversity and culture, as well as to promote a feeling of European citizenship and to improve the conditions for civic and democratic participation within the Union.

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