We design cooperation actions

We are a non-profit organisation based in Brussels (Belgium) and our mission is to facilitate and promote research, cooperation and development activities within the EU and between Europe and other regions worldwide


Our methodology

At CONEXX-EU we have developed a 3-step internationalisation methodology that we call ” internationalisation by projects “. Firstly, get to know the organisations we work with, analyse their needs and establish an internationalisation strategy with them. Secondly, we offer the training on accessing the funding programme of the European Commission that best suits their needs. Finally we accompany our partners in the design and implementation of their projects.

We support the design and implementation processes of the projects in all their phases. By the end of this process, the participant institutions know how the European funding instruments function, and they own the capacities to apply for these programs as well as having new international partners.


We are part of ORSALC and CRECES

We are part of the the Regional Observatory of Social Responsibility for Latin America (ORSALC) and the Caribbean and the Regional Center for Cooperation in Higher Education (CRECES, part of the UNESCO).

We are the only European organisation present in the executive board of the ORSALC.



Our work with Latin America

We have a special bond with Latin America, a region we feel identified with. Since our early years we have implemented projects in Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina, El Salvador, Chile, Uruguay, Cuba and Guatemala. Furthermore, we are present in other countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia through our local partners.

Always in good company

Our Partners

In our 10 years of existence we have worked with more than 300 partners from more than 30 different countries, both in Europe and Latin America. This network is made up of: civil society organisations, universities, private foundations, regional and local governments, local governments and non-state actors.


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