Civil society organizations, including associations, foundations, networks, platforms and clubs, usually have a clear understanding of the social reality with which they work, but have significant problems in obtaining financing to carry out their activity.

We help Latin American and European CSOs obtain funds from national and international funders through a series of interrelated actions that not only obtain financing, but also improve their capacities as an organization and increase the impact of their activity:

Monitoring and summarizing the calls for development cooperation of the main international funders, with special focus on the European Union, which is the main world funder in development.

 Training on financing instruments: strategic priorities, forms, presentation, evaluation and justification.

 Linking with international strategic partners to strengthen consortia.

 Technical assistance for the optimization of projects to improve their financibility.

 Accompaniment in the presentation of projects: Logical framework, baseline of indicators, budget, descriptive documents, etc.

 Support in the execution of the projects: coordination tools (Tactical Implementation Plan), monitoring through the Balanced Socrecard, communication plans for the web portal and social networks, evaluation and justification before funders.

Furthermore, CONEXX-EU offers all its partners the possibility of representing the interests of civil society organizations before the European institutions, enabling political advocacy campaigns to change public policies, meet future calls, promote pilot projects of the European Union or get institutional support for social proposals.



We have won numerous European projects together with civil society organizations on different topics. The last projects financed by the European Union have been:

Defensores de Derechos Humanos (Mexico)
Prevención dela violencia y Cultura de Paz (El Salvador/ Municipaz)
Trata de niños, niñas y adolescentes (Paraguay)
Memoria Histórica (Mexico)
Integración de personas privadas de libertad (Uruguay)

Gobierno Abierto y Seguridad Alimentaria (Guatemala)


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