Communication Services

Communication is the cornerstone of any organization. Anything you don’t communicate doesn’t exist, it’s that simple. For this reason, at CONEXX-EU we have professionals who can help you develop your communication area so that it becomes a weapon to incorporate into your expansion strategy.


  • Firstly, we meet with you, preferably at your headquarters to learn about the reality and needs of the organization in order to adapt the visibility strategy that we are going to follow.
  • After this first meeting, a communication plan is proposed that will be open for discussion by the organization.
  • We meet again 3 months after implementation and seeing the preliminary results that this plan has produced, the issues that are not working as planned are corrected.


In these years we have specialized in the communication of European projects. For the elaboration of these communication plans, we promote a participatory process of co-design with the beneficiaries of the projects to adapt the channels and the communication tools creating a strategy adapted and efficient to the different territorial realities.

From CONEXX-EU we currently manage the communication of projects of the Erasmus +, EuropeAid and Horizon2020 programs.

We work on project formulation, design and implementation of the communication plan. We design, create and manage tools such as the page, newsletters, profiles on social networks, press releases and graphic designs.


For those of you who already have a communication strategy but have identified problems in its implementation phase you are not sure how to tackle,  we also offer training processes to help you with updating and adjusting your strategy. We tailor this process to the needs of your team. We regularly organise the training sessions for a maximum of 15 people in the client’s facilities, or carrying them out online for smaller groups.

Do you want more information? You can contact Ana ask send her your questions.


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