How to access european funds

At CONEXX-EU we are experts in the search for and attraction of European funds for development, education, justice and human rights projects… and our general objective is to encourage the participation of civil organisations, educational centres and public institutions in them.

We regularly map the calls for proposals published by the European Commission in order to design projects together with our international partners, with a special focus on those in Latin America.

Our support to the submission of a proposal goes through all the formulation phases:

  • – consortium building
  • – problem diagnosis
  • – proposal formulation
  • – review of the administrative process

And if the proposal is successful, we support the implementation of the project with:

  • – management and administration
  • – quality and impact monitoring
  • – design and implementation of the communication plan
  • – official justification of the project

Here you can find the calls for proposals your organisation can apply for. If you click on the image of the programme you will be taken to a description and if you click on “Open calls” or “No open calls” you will be taken directly to the European Commission’s website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you.


Open Calls


Open Calls


Open Calls

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