The private sector is a competitive sector that works in conditions of constant uncertainty. Participation in a development and science cooperation project at an international level, allows companies to follow a learning path that can diversify the risk of their activity and become a far-reaching investment.

We facilitate the incorporation of private sector actors in cooperation projects, solving the difficulties of acting in an unusual space that is increasingly in demand by the financiers and by the expected results themselves.

The main themes in which we incorporate companies are:


 Urban Development

 Sustainable Energies

 Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

Local Economic Development

Employment and Entrepreneurship

 Environmental Sustainability

 Infrastructures: transport, water and communication and information thechnologies.

Other relevant activities of CONEXX-EU with the private sector are the creation of agendas and accompaniment in Brussels in order to enter in contact with EU institutions and possible international strategic partners, and  representating of the company at international events in Brussels.


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