Designs of political incidence processes

Why does everyone come to Brussels?

Tourists come for chocolate and beer, but companies, civil society organizations, and all public institutions in Europe come to Brussels because here is the seat of the European Union. Here it is decided how some 150,000 million euros are invested annually in programs such as Erasmus +, Horizon2020 or EuropeAid, which improve Education, Research or Development policies respectively.

CONEXX-EU counts accreditation in the European Parliament as an official interest group, allowing us to:

  • Attend information sessions on EU funding programs to learn first-hand about the conditions of European grants.
  • Participate in thematic events held in Brussels, to identify the most important international trends and actors in the sector.
  • Meet with representatives of the European Parliament and the European Commission, to influence European public policies.

Thanks to all this, we usually do:

  • Mission agendas with heads of the European institutions, so that your visit to Brussels has high performance
  • Representation of third parties in events and informative sessions, so you do not have to scroll to have crucial information about what interests you
  • Advocacy in the European institutions so that the European Union adapts to your needs

Brussels is the epicenter of political life, where your opinion can be heard, where your presence can be relevant, and where information can ensure the success of your organization. CONEXX-EU can bring you closer to the European capital and, incidentally, we can also see how big the Atomium is and how small the Manneken Pis is. You sign up?

You can write a message to Alejandro Canto so that he can guide you in this process.


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