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Moveurope! – promotion of mobility for refugees in the european context is a project funded by the Erasmus + program in which we work to promote the access of young refugees to mobility programs in Europe.

The Dublin Regulation determines the country responsible for examining a refugee’s asylum application and where it should remain. So-called ‘secondary movements’, therefore relocation within the EU, are unwanted and are often severely penalized. At the same time, many refugees face strong migratory pressure and, therefore, a constant need for mobility. Given the limited access to mobility tools for refugees and the poor knowledge of the existing tools, secondary movements in most cases lead to life in irregular conditions in the european country of destination or to a second asylum procedure and at the launch of the so-called Dublin procedure.

The consequences range from a life in the shadow economy with the violation of basic human rights every day (irregular stays), to long-term second asylum procedures and (fear of) deportation, leading to non-participation in the host society and the construction of a new life reduced to the national context of residence. In all cases, social and professional inclusion and the development of active european citizenship are strongly compromised. Youth workers working with young refugees are not trained to face these challenges from a european perspective and therefore often lack the necessary instruments to provide solution strategies.

Moveurope! wants to counter this phenomenon by training youth workers to make existing national and even more european mobility tools accessible to refugees. The project consortium plans to create a manual on the legal framework and mobility opportunities, a toolkit for the implementation of this information through non-formal education, and the development of teaching concepts about it both online and offline.


In the framework of this Erasmus+ project, CONEXX-EU will organize a an event in Brussels on October 18th, 2021. The aim is, on the one hand, to bring together social workers, young refugees and other young people and professionals interested in the topic to introduce them to the Moveurope! initiative and the European network of organizations and volunteers working on it. On the other hand, the participants will evaluate some of the non-formal education tools created by the project, provide feedback on them and thus be part of the final version of the project Toolkit before it is officially published.

Sounds interesting? Check the event agenda here.

We would be delighted to have you at the event.

You can register here and contact us with any questions at info@conexxeurope.eu