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#DigitSafe – Boosting digital safe spaces and resilience’ is a project funded by the Erasmus+ program. This program aims to empower young people to become digitally resilient citizens, enabling them to face some of the upcoming digital challenges.

While Information Technologies (ICT) are increasingly integrated into the lives of young people, mainly due to technological advances as well as the acceleration of digitization in Europe during the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital risks they entail are rarely effectively addressed in Higher Education. It is therefore essential to improve the offer of non-formal education and facilitate the accessibility of new tools for young people.

#DigitSafe aims to foster a broader and deeper understanding of two key topics: cybersecurity and hate speech and security and privacy. Particularly among the most vulnerable groups of young people.

The project will also train social workers to provide support to young people in recognizing and preventing the negative effects of digital platforms, as well as providing the necessary tools to make the most of the benefits of the internet.


We are working on this exciting project together with 4 other partners: Centro Superior de formación Europa Sur (España), Inova Aspire (Páises Bajos), Radio Alma (Bélgica) and  Sdruzhenie Profesionalen Forum za Obrazovanieto (Bulgaria).