How to deal with the spread and uprising of Euroscepticism within European countries and citizens?  How can confrontation and debate between young citizens promote a better mutual understanding about European values and policies?

 “Bricks Made of Words: building Europe again through dialogue” is a project co-founded by the Europe for Citizens program dedicated to young European citizens interested in sharing knowledge and perspectives about actual key themes that are relevant for their future, as well as for the EU’s future. Participants will develop their critical thinking of sensitive matters and will debate to exchange their thoughts with peers from other EU countries. At the end of the project, they will develop a document containing all their ideas and recommendations to be presented in Brussels to EU policy makers.

The project will achieve this by bringing together young Europeans in 6 events held in Italy, Republic of Serbia, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Greece, and Belgium. In this events, local citizens, policy makers, experts, facilitators, and students will meet and discuss together. They will debate common and different points of view regarding the EU and its future. They will have the chance to design together new perspectives and policy proposals.

Check in this document the events dates and other details of the project.


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Ayuntamiento de Cavriglia,