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Corredor Rioeste Project, financed by the European Parliament, aims to restore citizen confidence in local public institutions in Río Hondo, Estanzuela and Teculután (Zacapa, Guatemala) through Open Government. During 4 years, actions of citizen participation, multi-stakeholder collaboration and accountability, the three pillars of Open Government, will be developed in the area of Food and Nutrition Security, the main strategic need of the territory.

Through a participatory process, a Food Security and Nutrition Strategy will be co-designed with citizens and public institutions based on a diagnosis based on local indicators.

The Food and Nutritional Security actions will be:

  • – Creation of family gardens, agroforestry plots, agricultural farms and silos in prioritised communities.
  • – Strengthening of municipal nurseries
  • – Nutritional training workshops for families
  • – Monitoring and accountability of the actions developed.

In the area of Open Government:

  • – Municipal Open Government Units will be created
  • – The functioning of COCODEs and COMUDE will be improved with the use of performance indicators.
  • – A digital portal for citizen participation will be opened.
  • – Wifi points will be installed in prioritised communities.
  • – An institutional accountability of the work plan of the municipalities will be carried out.

This pilot project not only aims to build institutional capacity at the municipal level, but also to create an environment of co-responsibility in municipal policy based on citizen participation, the inclusion of vulnerable groups and the gender perspective, which will be a management model for other institutions and issues.