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The project is a collective effort by various civil society organizations to improve the situation of human rights defenders in Mexico. Through advocacy activities, legal documentation and the compilation of life testimonies, human rights defenders will be able to identify, prevent, and attend security incidents as well as learn to promote their work.

The project includes 14 general training and visibility activities on the reality experienced by human rights defenders in Mexico during the period 2013-15 and establishes a joint effort with 40 defenders from the states of Guerrero, Oaxaca, Baja California, and Distrito Federal.

The project had a global amount of € 921,049, 90% of which is financed by the European Instrument for the Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights of the European Commission and lasted for 3 years (2012 – 2015).


The project consortium is made up of organizations internationally recognized for their work on Human Rights. The project’s member associations are: CMDPDH, CONEXX-Europe y PBI.