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Digit Fit – Fostering Healthy Digital Habits for Young People is a    Project funded by the Erasmus + program that aims to combat the negative impacts of internet dependence on the mental health of young people.

The younger generations have always been accompanied by technology and digital content and mental health problems are increasingly reported among them, due to the dependence that many generate on the Internet.

DigitFit, through the Training and Mentoring Circles ™ Program, works with young people to create a responsible and conscious relationship with digital platforms, equip them with the necessary tools to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet, promoting participation, learning, connection and supporting online citizenship. At the same time, awareness of bad habits helps analyze the content they consume for a better balance in their online and offline lives.

The project also trains trainers. They can support young people to recognize and prevent the negative effects that the digital world can unleash, in addition to offering them the tools to make the most of the benefits of the internet.


We are working on this exciting project together with 3 other partners: Centro Superior de Formación Europa Sur (Spain), Association Professional Forum for Education (Bulgaria), Innova Consultancy LTD (United Kingdom).