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The project “Biblioteca Europa – América Latina” aims to promote research that aims to study issues related to Latin America for the stimulation of Euro-Latin American relations on issues of shared interest in development cooperation and scientific cooperation.

This project arises in the context in which the historical relations between Europe and Latin America are undergoing profound changes in the new scenario of the world economy originated, among other factors, in the reduction in Development Cooperation produced by the European crisis; in the economic growth of Latin America, which translates into increased cooperation between the regions of Latin America and other developing regions (South-South axis); in the greater structuring of Latin American internal policies and in the growth of the use of new technologies, which have caused a break in the ways sustained in recent years around cooperation between the two regions.

Periodically, different international calls are launched for teachers, researchers and experts. The coordination of each book is carried out by renowned specialists in the subject. The first call, the theme of which is Human Rights, was launched in 2013 and published in 2014.

This is a joint project of the Editorial of the Universidad Nacional de Villa Marí­a  (Argentina) y Conexx-Europe.