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This project aims to contribute to the design and development of sustainable family life projects from the perspective of Gender and Human Rights to the El Molino Rehabilitation Center (INR, MI), in Uruguay, or on the waiting list for their entry. Increasing the opportunities for re-bonding at the socio-community and economic level, during the deprivation of liberty and once it has been overcome, within the framework of the construction of active citizenship.

In family key allowed the development of work in socio-community networks for access to health services, education, community participation, culture, housing, etc., during and after the deprivation of liberty. In addition, income generation and improvement strategies linked to the world of work from employment and / or income generating activities were implemented.


Over 36 months, the consortium formed by the El Abrojo Civil Association (as applicant and project leader), the CLIEPS Civil Association and Conexx-Europe; and at the institutional level: the El Molino Rehabilitation Center – National Rehabilitation Institute, the Ministry of the Interior of Uruguay, the Secretariat for Women of Uruguay, the Municipality of Montevideo and the Ministry of Social Development of Uruguay developed the four fundamental components of the project: the strengthening of identity and self-esteem traits, the strengthening of ties, community insertion, and socio-labor insertion.