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Its full name is ‘Strengthening the capacities of local governments in citizen participation processes for a culture of peace’, and it is a project financed by the EuropeAid program of the European Commission that we are implementing in the municipalities of Delgado and Cuscatancingo, in El Salvador.

This project has two main objectives. On the one hand, accompany and optimize the existing instruments in violence prevention to have the capacity for coordination, planning and execution of inter-municipal policies. And, on the other, to achieve the commitment of organized groups of youth and women, as well as families, in the design and implementation of operational plans for violence prevention.

Within the framework of this project, very diverse activities are carried out, such as training local workers to be able to face the different problems for which their participation is necessary or the creation of spaces such as film forums, cultural activities … so that more young people can get involved and be an active part and participant in the project.


This project lasts for 3 years, and we share our efforts with 4 other partners: the municipal mayor of Delgado, the municipal mayor of Cuscatancingo, INCIDEM and the city council of Rivas Vaciamadrid.