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The main objective of the Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Solutions project is to promote social entrepreneurship among young people through the use of new technologies. The project will provide the 7 project participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to launch sustainable entrepreneurship.

The project focuses its action on the training of people who will work with social entrepreneurs, providing them some tools so that they can guide the people in charge of launching these kinds of entrepreneurs, and serve as consultants to give help to their projects and their main needs.

Lastly, a mobile application will be created in which all social entrepreneurs can interact so that entrepreneurs from all over the world can share the different ways they have to face the same problems from other realities


The consortium is made up of the following organizationsAsociación Puente Sur (Paraguay), La Nube Cowork (Chile), Sdruzhenie Profesionalen Forum Za Obrazovanieto (Belgium), Know and Can Association (Belgium) Grupo Polo Tecnológico de Rosario (Argentina), , CONEXX – Europe (Belgium), Grup Fundació Ramon Noguera y el Centro de Estudios Paysandú (Uruguay).