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Skills 4 Employability – Enchancing the presence of Soft Skills in Higher Education Curricula is a project funded by the Erasmus + program. In which, we support universities in their efforts to improve the quality of education by adapting curricula to the soft skill demands of the labour market and, as a result, leverage HEIs’ impact on the employment situation of future graduates. In other words, the project will strengthen HEIs capacity to assess whether and to what extent their programs match the soft skills that are particularly valued in the labour market.  The project aims to support and strengthen HEIs assessment practices to enable a better anticipation and management of the transformative change concerning skill requirements, and the adjustment of their curricula to the actual needs of the labour market. This project aims at building the capacity of HEI to assess their programs in terms of soft-skill supply, the ultimate objective being to improve the relevance and impact of HEI on its students’ employability.


Soft Skills Assessment Guidelines” is the main outcome of the project. In its last phase, the consortium elaborated this document in which the work of the whole project cycle is collected. This document constitutes a guide where the criteria and indicators that best reflect the dimension of soft skills in universities are identified. This guide is intended to help universities on their way towards a more effective way of measuring and introducing the teaching and learning of soft skills in their curricula.