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VIP VALUES- ICT Skills for Peace Projects is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme which aims to raise awareness among European youth about peace values, the situation of young migrants and refugees and the possibilities offered by ICT for the creation of projects focused on improving their situation. 

This project is a continuation of “VIP Values: Volunteering and ICT for Peace” and will build on the lessons learned from the previous experience and increase the impact achieved previously. The target audience of VIP VALUES are organisations working directly with young people, educational centres or social entities focused on peace and inclusion projects. However, also young refugees, migrants and youth workers are targeted.

In the next two years an innovative e-Learning platform will be developed with content and training methods in ICT tools together with a usability report, through local trainings in the use of the platform.


In this project we are working together with 5 partners: Fundación Cibervoluntarios (Spain), Fundación Cultura de Paz (Spain), SEAL CYPRUS (Cyprus), Vienna Association of Education Volunteers (Austria), and Associazione Coopisa (Italy).