This is our work with public institutions

Every institution has two strategic challenges in its role: to provide quality services to citizens and to enable territorial development based on its scope of intervention. The most common problems of public entities are:

 Structural Budgetary Limitations.

 Weak collaboration dynamics with other actors in society.

Lack of territorial and international strategic partners.

Lack of technical capabilities.

Lack of a strategic and operational plan aimed at alleviating deficiencies and developing the potential of the public institution.

In order to satisfy the above needs, CONEXX-EU offers a process to boost decentralized cooperation.

In practice, this process has the following phases:

  1. Territorial strategic analysis and Institutional strategic plan. The institution’s weaknesses and strengths are made visible, territorial threats and opportunities are identified, political priorities are established, and actions are ordered in a Strategic Plan and an Operational Plan.
  2. Training in international cooperation projects with external financing. We train public technicians in international financing processes to ensure that the institution and its projects are bankable,
  3. Agenda of meetings with international strategic partners. We identify international good practices linked to priorities and reach strategic alliances with different actors that reinforce the institution’s projects.
  4. Systematization of project management units. We establish the pertinent actions to professionalize the unit responsible for managing international cooperation projects.
  5. Presentation, execution and monitoring of multi-stakeholder decentralized cooperation projects. We accompany international funders in the process of presenting your institution’s projects.

In 2019, a collaboration agreement was started with different municipalities in Mexico, such as the Municipality of Zautla, creating action plans to internationalize the municipalities and participate in international cooperation projects.

In 2018, strategic alliances were established between municipalities in the Basque Country and Latin America, promoting joint projects for the transfer of knowledge and experiences in municipal practices and inclusive local economic development.

In 2016, a revitalization process was carried out with the Mayors of El Salvador and Guatemala. On a visit to Brussels, they were trained on the financing instruments of the European Union, and in a second phase, they visited European municipalities with the same priorities., learned about successful projects and closed collaboration agreements with future partners. As a result, projects were presented to the European Commission with Latin American and European partners (municipalities, NGOs and universities).


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