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Hello, my name is Silvana Mandolessi. I am Argentinian, more precisely from Cordoba. I teach Cultural Studies at KU Leuven and I am currently leading the ERC Starting Grant project "Todos somos Ayotzinapa: the role of digital media in the formation of transnational memories of disappearance", funded by the European Research Council.

I am the president of CONEXX-EU and, together with the management board, my main function is to establish the lines of work of interest.

Where could you have seen me?
- At the University of California where I was a visiting professor in 2014.
- At the meeting of the project “TRANSIT: Transnationality at Large. The transnational dimension of Hispanic culture in the XXth and XXIst centuries”
- At the Institute of Continuing Education in San Luis (Argentina) where I was teaching.
- At Columbia University, where presented in 2018 the Digital Memories project.

Human Rights, Forced disappearances, Historical memory

Podemos hablar en Español– I can also speak English – Ik spreek Nederlands



As General Director of CONEXX-EU I am part of the design of processes of dynamization of the international cooperation of various entities, through the participation in European projects and diverse trainings. I am also responsible for the implementation of the projects supported by our monitoring tool based on the Balanced Scoredcard methodology. I am the coordinator of the political advocacy actions carried out in the European institutions.

Where could you have seen me?
-In 2019 you might have seen me at the UCLV International Scientific Convention (Cuba)
- In 2018 we could have met at Open Government events in Brussels such as the European Week of Regions and Cities.
- In 2017 I had the opportunity to speak at the meeting of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly held in the Parliament to discuss the Plan El Salvador Seguro (PESS).
- In 2016, perhaps during any of my trips to El Salvador. In May for taking part in the first International Public Forum for the Exchange of Experiences and Good Practices where I also led the workshops on Communication, Advocacy, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. In November, invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate in the 7th Week of Cooperation.
- Since 2015 I have participated in the European Development Days organized by the Directorate General for Development of the European Commission.
- In 2014 at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris III. There I taught a module on European funding as part of the Professional Master in International Studies, organized by the Instituto de Altos Estudios de América Latina (IHEAL - Institut des Higher Studies of Latin America).
- In 2013 you could have heard me during the 2nd World Forum on Local Economic Development (Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil) where I was one of the speakers on the panel "Decentralized cooperation as a mechanism for promoting LED".

EuropeAid, Training, Project monitoring, Advocacy, European Parliament, Local economic development, Employment, Decentralized cooperation.

Estaré encantado de responderte en español – Tu peux aussim’écrire en français – I can answer your doubts in English.

Project Manager


Hello, my name is Laura Pardo Garcia. I graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU) and completed my studies with a six-month stay in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, where I developed and implemented my final thesis: "Nutritional education project for women leaders in rural areas of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala".
When I returned to Spain I decided to continue my training in the field of international cooperation and European projects with a Masters in Health and International Cooperation from the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona (UAB). Currently, I work as a technician project within CONEXX-EU, participating in the formulation and management of several EuropeAid and Erasmus + projects.

Where could you have seen me?
- In 2017, in the municipalities of Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, Chahal and Raxruhá (Guatemala), implementing a nutritional education project.
- In 2019 in Barcelona, participating in the XII Catalan Sessions of International Health

Estaré encantada de responderte en español - Euskeraz ere hitz egin dezakegu - You can also contact me in English.- Et en français aussi si vous voulez.

Cooperation, Food and nutrition security, EuropAid, Project management.

Communication Assistant


Hello, my name is Amaia Garzon and I am the Communication Assistant at CONEXX-EU. I studied a degree in Business Management and Marketing at Cámarabilbao University Business School specialising in Corporate Communication.

In recent years I have worked in marketing and communication within the creative and cultural industries, where I have been able to work in different brands and entities in the UK, France and Spain. This led me to create a sustainable fashion association in Bilbao of which I am co-founder and project manager. I am currently working at CONEXX-EU where I am expanding my knowledge in communication and event organisation with a focus on
international cooperation and European projects.

In CONEXX-EU I work supporting communication strategies, both for our organisation and for projects of initiatives in which we participate. I also manage the implementation of Erasmus+ projects.

Where have you seen me?
- Attending different consortium meetings with our partners in several Eramus+
projects such as Digitsafe, Vip Values, etc.
- At the moveurope Multiplier Event

El español es mi idioma materno - But we can talk in English if you want! - Ou peut-être en
français? - Euskaraz ere hitz egin dezakegu

Tags: Comunicación, Organización de eventos, Erasmus+

Project Assistant (Internship)


Hello, my name is Beñat Uribesalgo and I am a graduate in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and I completed my studies with a Master in Public Management at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). During the Master I had the opportunity to do an internship at the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
I am now joining the CONEXX-EU team to work as a project assistant, where I will help both in the organisation of events and in research linked to the different projects that the organisation has underway.
Puedo responderte en español - Euskeraz ere hitz egin dezaket - You can also contact me in English.
Communication Assistant (Internship)


Hi, my name is Allende Solaun Boada and I am a Communication Assistant in CONEXX-EU. I graduated in Journalism from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), with a mention in Communication Management from that college and an international program in Journalism from Hanzehogeschool of Groningen (The Netherlands).

Back home, I began my journalistic career in the Basque public media group as well as a local enterprise. During most of my professional path, however, I've worked as a Communication Manager in a non-profit cooperative, primarily leading projects and campaigns for public institutions, such as local councils and regional bodies.

Now I am part of the CONNEX-EU communication team, creating and designing audiovisual content for various Erasmus+ projects, as well as for our organisation itself.

Podemos hablar en español. Euskaraz nahiago? On peut parler en français. Or we can talk in English, up to you!

We are specialist in…


Companies, universities and other institutions have serious problems when creating an internationalization process. We design the process and accompany you at all times.


In addition to managing the communication of our EU funded projects, we offer our services in communication to other organisations and individuals in need of defining and improving their communication and visibility strategy. 


An important part of our financing comes through European funds. We have projects financed by the programs: EuropeAid, Erasmus + and ERC.


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