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DG International Partnerships establishes and defines European policy for international development cooperation, advancing in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals worldwide.

The ultimate goals of DG INTPA are to reduce poverty, ensure sustainable development, and promote democracy, human rights, and the rule of law across the world.

DG INTPA and partner countries set development priorities for each region (Human Rights , Democracy, Food Security, Human Development, Economic Growth, Environment, Energy, Migration) and articulate different intervention modalities such as budget support to partner countries or the publication of public calls for subsidies, tenders and job offers.

You can check some of our projects financed by this programme such as Arapoty in Paraguay, MuniciPaz in El Salvador, EnClave Familiar in Uruguay or Protección de Defensores de DDHH in Mexico. You can also access the list of open calls.

If you have a project idea in mind and need help to develop it, you can contact Alejandro Canto so that we can advise you.